Friday, 24 April 2015

Steak and Lobster

One of my favourite kind of posts to read are food related posts, especially recommendations of places to eat in London as I'm always up for trying out somewhere new. A few weeks back I went to Steak and Lobster for my brothers birthday. I decided to go for the Lobster and it was delicious! The steak also looked really good. Along side my food I opted for a cocktail (I'm gutted as I can't remember the name which is a shame as I really enjoyed it!). For me I love going to restaurants that serve cocktails as not all restaurants have them on the drinks menu. So it's a nice treat! 

Have you tried out Steak and Lobster? I think next on my list of restaurants to try out is Burger and Lobster! 




  1. Wow this place looks amazing! Looks so delicious and your photos are fantastic hun!

    Jodie xx

  2. Everything looks so delicious! I'd love to taste :)

  3. your blog is very good, I got a lot of inspiration from your blog. hopefully the better blogs


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