Monday, 6 April 2015

Casual Wear

Trainers Nike | Jeans Topshop | Tee Zara | Jacket Topshop 

Recently I have been wearing more casual wear and purchased a pair of trainers for the first time in years! Two fashion trends that I thought I would never wear are ripped jeans and trainers and now they have become one of my most loved items in my wardrobe. 

Most of the time I like to wear something creative and you will normally find me wearing a lot of skirts and dresses. However it's nice sometimes to opt for a very simple, laid back outfit. Ripped jeans, trainers, sunnies, white tee and a leather jacket and I'm ready for the day ahead! 

Do you like casual outfits? What's your favourite causal item?



  1. Love your trainers! They're casual but still pretty stylish :p
    Feel free to check out our latest post x

  2. Love being casual and comfy way more than getting all dressed up! xx

    Halcyon Velvet

  3. Love those trainers so much!! I wear trainers all the time, they're just to comfy not too

    Julia x


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