Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Blue Stripes

Shoes Rainbow Club (*) | Top Zara | Skirt Zara 

The lovely ladies at Rainbow Club sent me these beautiful shoes the other day. They are a wedding retailer who have come up with a really unique concept. You can purchase a pair of shoes from their website and get them dyed to the colour of your choice. This is ideal if you have a special occassion like Prom, Weddings, Ascot. I don't know about you girls but I always find it so difficult to find a pair of shoes that match an outfit that I want to wear. Rainbow Club have made it so easy for you to get a pair of shoes that match the colour of your outfit. I knew I wanted to go for a bright blue as I have a lot of blue garments in my wardrobe and wanted a colour that would stand out during the summer months. I'm so pleased to finally have a pair of shoes that go so well with this outfit as it's a favourite of mine to wear.

Do you like these shoes? 



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