Monday, 9 March 2015


I've been enjoying adding more lifestyle and travel related posts on my blog this year. It's always good fun looking back over your photos from a trip and sharing the places that you have been too. Because I always love discovering places to go to on other blogs. 

Last weekend for a birthday treat I went to Amsterdam, city breaks are my favourite. I love how every city is so unique and different this makes me want to visit even more cities. Amsterdam has such a relaxed atmosphere and isn't so busy like London. Most people in Amsterdam travel by bike which is really cool, so we rented out a bike for a couple of hours one day which was good fun. Although kind of scary at the same time! At some points it felt like there were too many bikes on the road with you. 

The town houses look just beautiful and especially pretty at night when there are lights lit up by the canal. We rented out a canal bike one day which was a nice way to see the city and take lots of photos!

One of my favourite parts of the trip was a visit to the Handbag and Purses museum, they had some beautiful designer pieces. And it was very interesting to see how small the older bags were! (I'm still trying to work out how women were able to fit anything in them!)

What is your favourite city? Have you been to Amsterdam?


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