Friday, 6 February 2015

Lush Valentines Haul

Lush has to be my favourite brand for relaxing bath time products, and I love there seasonal limited edition products.

Lush says 'A magical bath filled with beautiful neroli and lavender essential oils, colourful candy stars, sparkling lustre, rainbows and dreams.'

Unicorn Horn is probably the one that looks least like a Valentines product but I love how creative and fun looking it is. And it is one of the prettiest and colour bath bombs I have seen from lush. I can't wait to try this out.

Lush says 'This smushy little bubbleroon will turn your water a bright, passionate red, perfect for a little valentines tub lovin.'

Doesn't heart throb look so cute?! You can probably break this product in half and have two baths out of it. I love how there is gold glitter in the middle. And the smell is amazing.

Lush says 'When you crack open your Locket you will also find a smaller heart-shaped bath bomb hidden within, filled with agar hearts to create a romantic spectacle into the bath.'

This bath bomb is huge and probably big enough for more than one bath.! I love how Love Locket has cute little hearts inside. Which make your bath look very pretty.

Lush says 'Get tangled up in a floating fusion of colour. Sink into the bath with this bomb and watch the exquisite shades seep through the water.' 

Floating flower includes a beautiful jasmine floral sense which is very calming. When you place this is the bath is is great seeing all of the colours melt away. 

Have you got anything from the Lush Valentines collection? 


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