Tuesday, 10 February 2015


Jacket Barbour | Fur Head Band Market | Jeans Topshop | Boots Topshop

The inspiration behind this post comes from my latest project at university. We had to chose a fashion brand and complete a report analysis based on their branding and communications with their target audience. Seeing as this is a very in-dept project and one that will last 6 weeks, I wanted to choose a brand that  I love and wanted to learn more about. For me this had to be Barbour, I love their family values and British heritage. Over the past few weeks I've really enjoy learning more about them. I liked their collection at the London collections:Mens show, which showcased their project alongside White Mountaineering. I also love their social media they are so on point with that.

Upon starting this project I realised that I always wear my Barbour Quilted jacket, yet it hasn't appeared on my blog as of yet. My Barbour has to be one of my favourite jackets and it is such high quality. Barbour jackets are items worth investing in because they will last for years. (my mum still wears hers which is about 18 years old!!) I went for a deep purple colour and think it is a perfect autumn tone and something a little different from the standard brown and black jackets Barbour have.

Do you own a Barbour jacket?


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  1. you look so beautiful as always! lusting over that fur headband ahh xx


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