Thursday, 29 January 2015

Lexington Gardens

I love Nails Inc, especially all of their London teamed names! I have recently tested out their gel effect nail polish in the shade Lexington Gardens. Whenever I paint my nails you will tend to see me either wearing a shade of pink or purple. I was really impressed with the gel effect and this was so easy to apply and extremely fast drying which is so important for me seeing as I am forever smudging my nails! However I have to say I'm not so impressed with how they only lasted a couple of days before starting to chip! My other Nails Inc polishes have lasted a lot longer. 

Have you tested out any of the Nails Inc gel effect polishes? What do you think?



  1. oh my the finish of this polish is so beautiful - i wish nails inc was available here in Australia, I would definitely love to try them out. Also, I've nominated you for the liebster award because i adore your posts and your entire blog is just so lovely to scroll through and read. I think youre very deserving of the award :) feel free to check out my post on it if you are interested xx


  2. This is such a pretty colour! I've never tried Nails Inc polishes before because I don't think we have them in Australia - but maybe one day!

    Funnily enough I actually nominated you for a Liebster award too but obviously I was a little slow in letting you know - JessicatedCoconut beat me to it! haha :) If you are still interested in doing it though (it's basically just a little question and answer post to spread the love among bloggers) all the info is in my latest post!

    Lauren xx


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