Friday, 7 November 2014


I love it when you discover a great outfit from a brand you have never purchased from before. For me online clothes shopping is a no go, unless I’ve already tried the garment on in store as I dislike the hassle of having to send products back if they don’t fit and the worry that the garments will not look as nice as the photography online.  However I fell in love with some products on Missguided so thought I would give it a go! Turns out they might have converted me into an online clothing shopper.  Luckily the skirt and top fit perfectly and I also love the quality of the material. What I like about this outfit is that it’s one I can dress up for evening wear, but I would also find a way to dress it down for more day time wear. Monochrome is a key trend in Autumn/Winter time and one that will never date, which is always great when buying a new outfit. 



  1. Such gorgeous skirt!

  2. I hear you, buying things online definitely can be risky. In more than one occasion I've received a product of very low quality or that doesn't even remotely fit me. I'm glad to see that your online shopping experience worked out well, this outfit looks so very cute on you! I especially love the scallop detail of the top ;)

  3. I never buy clothes online because I like to try it on first because most of the time I don;t like them on only to look at haha.
    I love that skirt , it's far to cold around here to wear that outfit for me though lol you look lovely xox


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