Sunday, 21 September 2014

Beauty Edit - Lush

As well as a huge fashion lover, I do love my beauty products whether it's make up or pamper related. It's not often you see beauty related posts on my blog but every now and then if I find something I think is good I'll share it on here. 

I only ever used to shop in Lush during the Winter season when they have their Christmas collection. (Snow fairy + Magic wand being my absolute favourites!) However recently I have really got into their standard collection. I always find its nice after a day at work or uni to come home and relax and for me the perfect way to do that is to have a bath and light some candles. 

When in London during the week I picked up some of my favourite Lush products as well as a couple of ones I've never tried before. 

The Comforter (New for me) 
Pop in The Bath 
Think Pink (My favourite by far) 
Granny takes a dip 

What are your favourite Lush products? Would love some suggestions of other ones to try out.


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